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Veteran Owned Tool Shop
Minnesota Invention's Award
Pinch-A-Log Firewood Tool
Double Flex Wrench
t-post badger
Spin break driver


Northwind Tools is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge multi-functional hand tools that save time, space, energy and money. We have several patented multifunctional hand tools. Along with our line of amazing hand tools we also offer the one and only PINCH-A-LOG, a tool that makes easy work of gathering and stacking firewood with NO DEEP BENDING. You can use this tool to pick up, throw and stack firewood 6-26" in size, usually using only one hand. People from across the country who have purchased the PINCH-A-LOG love this tool stating that the logs even feel lighter, which is due to the weight distribution between the pinch points. There is no awkward bending or getting dirty handling firewood. Our award winning and patented Variable Speed Drive Shaft Bicycle will allow bicycle enthusiasts, including mountain bikers, to easily change gears on the go without a chain or the chain drag. This variable speed drive shaft will also work for recumbent bikes, exercise bikes with variable resistance, for paddle boats and electric bikes. This drive shaft system is completely enclosed and impervious to elements with less moving parts and less maintenance while featuring both rear and top drive shifting. The word about Northwind Tools is spreading. The company was featured on KXLY News, Made in the Northwest, Spokane, WA, and the PINCH-A-LOG was seen on This Old House. There have also been numerous local and national articles on Northwind Tools and the tools we offer, including the well known, Farm Show Magazine. Watch the Northwind Tools website and Facebook for upcoming inventions and events! Northwind Tools is growing as more innovative tools enter the spot light. Investors are welcome.

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