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Double Flex Wrench


The DOUBLE FLEX WRENCH, like no other, maintains the proper angle between the head and the handle and acts like a two-speed wrench. This action enhances, improves and puts a new spin on the current Flex Wrench. Additionally, this Double Flex Wrench will extend the market life and patent life with the introduction of our patented feature, the flex in the handle. This provides superior function. 


Knowledgeable tool users will choose the Double Flex Wrench by recognizing the following impressive features: 

1) The handle maintains the proper plane of rotation with the head, making it useable even at 90 degree angles. 

2) The wrench provides high torque in the full length position, and instantly becomes a high speed wrench by flexing the handle using our patented flex. 

3) The wrench saves time by directly transforming from high torque to high speed. 


The CSA Mechanics that tested this tool for our company, in every instance, wanted to keep the prototypes or buy a set. They were pleased with how well the tools functioned and the versatility they offered.  We are confident that you will receive the same excellent feedback.

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