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We are so proud of our workmanship and product that we want to share what others think of our tools. Thanks for reading.

  • It's the best tongs I've ever used. Its not that often someone can reinvent the wheel but you did and its amazing. I've been using a log ox and had I discovered pinch a log first I wouldn't have purchased a log ox, it's a good tool but i would rather have 2 pinch a logs and a cheap timber jack and cant. It's also the easiest tool I've used to pick up a log and the safest I haven't had a single log slip out and grabbing from the end ensures your biting solid wood. Getting the tool off the log also works like it should you don't have to fight it, twist the tool and screw around, and eventually bend over and remove the hooks from the wood just a simple push and it lifts off or toss it, works great I think I will purchase another pinch a log next year so I have a spare and using them to haul 2 at the same time would be great. I burn 10 cord a year on a good year more on the real cold ones and this is a must have tool after owning for a short time. I can't imagine the backs and frustrations you've saved people by coming up with the pinch a log it's a great tool thanks Adam.

  • Your invention is outstanding.  I have a disability and your Pinch A Log has allowed me to get back into physical activity and that has been a life changer.  I will be ordering a second Pinch A Log today so when my son visits we can do what I’ve always dreamed of, working together outdoors.  Thank you. Sincerely-John

  • I meant everything I said it's so rare to buy something and it just works perfect. I've had some shoulder issues, nothing that requires surgery last winter several times i couldn't pick up my 2 year old though. I never wanted to spend money on a wood splitter because they cost good money and aren't everyday tools. But after last winter we purchased one and it was a good decision because the shoulder problems haven't been back and we have most of our wood put up just my wife and I. The pinch a log was another good decision so much so that carrying logs around is almost as much fun as cutting down dead trees. It's a great tool for a great price I will definitely put it to use. Thanks Mik

  • Feedback - works as advertised: is a breath of fresh air to be able to move firewood with a straight back, and I'm still not so old that the name doesn't make me giggle.

  • The Pinch-A-log is a well made, simple to master tool. It saves your back from bending over to pick up firewood and keeps the sap off your hands. It's made in the USA and looks like it will last a long time.  Dave 


  • Received the tool in time for xmas! Thanks again! Works sooooo well! Easy to use...We both love it!   Wileen 

Spin Breaker
  • First, let me apologize for taking so long to return this amazing tool to you. Second, I would like to thank you for allowing me to see and use your prototype.


To me, it seems like a very novel and useful idea to have a Spinner, a Breaker Bar and a Driver all in one convenient tool. This usefulness saves time because I do not have to continually change tools, it minimizes trips back to my tool box to "get the right tool" and it reduces clutter in my workspace under the hood. Whenever I work on one of my beautiful cars, I always used a nice soft fender cover or two, to protect the body and the paint. Fewer tools in the confined area under the hood means there is significantly less chance to scratch, or damage the surrounding area!


I did lend this out to a friend of mine, another Master Mechanic. He played with it for several days till I finally had to ask for it back. He mentioned to me specifically that it was very useful to remove the intake manifold from the vehicle he was working on. He could break the bolts free, and then just spin them out without having to keep switching back and forth from the breaker bar to the ratchet.


Well done, congratulations on the invention and the fortitude to bring this tool to market.

Thanks,  Michael

  • The Spin Breaker is a phenomenal tool. I especially liked the feature for quick spinning on and off of bolts. I used this tool more than the Double Flex Wrench. This tool also worked as advertised and the idea behind it is top notch. I will absolutely buy these tools when available. The tool I tested was a 3/8” drive and I would also like a ½” drive.


Keith, American Eagle Mobile

Triple Flex Wrench
  • Great tool that does exactly as advertised. This wrench gets into tight areas where other wrenches will not reach. I believe this tool will be a top seller. There are places you just can’t get to, let alone with a ratchet head. I will buy a set. No flaws or problems were found after using the tool for a couple of weeks in a professional setting and the tool preformed excellently.  


Keith, American Eagle Mobile


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