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First, let me apologize for taking so long to return this amazing tool to you. Second, I would like to thank you for allowing me to see and use your prototype.


To me, it seems like a very novel and useful idea to have a Spinner, a Breaker Bar and a Driver all in one convenient tool. This usefulness saves time because I do not have to continually change tools, it minimizes trips back to my tool box to "get the right tool" and it reduces clutter in my workspace under the hood. Whenever I work on one of my beautiful cars, I always used a nice soft fender cover or two, to protect the body and the paint. Fewer tools in the confined area under the hood means there is significantly less chance to scratch, or damage the surrounding area!


I did lend this out to a friend of mine, another Master Mechanic. He played with it for several days till I finally had to ask for it back. He mentioned to me specifically that it was very useful to remove the intake manifold from the vehicle he was working on. He could break the bolts free, and then just spin them out without having to keep switching back and forth from the breaker bar to the ratchet.


Well done, congratulations on the invention and the fortitude to bring this tool to market.



Michael Maraziti

  • The Pinch-A-log is a well made, simple to master tool. It saves your back from bending over to pick up firewood and keeps the sap off your hands. It's made in the USA and looks like it will last a long time.


Dave Drum


  • Received the tool in time for xmas! Thanks again! Works sooooo well! Easy to use...We both love it!


Wileen Cook

ASE Master Automobile Technician
Advanced Level Specialist/Diagnostics KEITH BUTLER


The Spin Breaker is a phenomenal tool. I especially liked the feature for quick spinning on and off of bolts. I used this tool more than the Double Flex Wrench. This tool also worked as advertised and the idea behind it is top notch. I will absolutely buy these tools when available. The tool I tested was a 3/8” drive and I would also like a ½” drive.


Keith Butler, American Eagle Mobile

ASE Master Automobile Technician 
Advanced Level Specialist/Diagnostics

Great tool that does exactly as advertised. This wrench gets into tight areas where other wrenches will not reach. I believe this tool will be a top seller. There are places you just can’t get to, let alone with a ratchet head. I will buy a set. No flaws or problems were found after using the tool for a couple of weeks in a professional setting and the tool preformed excellently.


Keith Butler, American Eagle Mobile


Keith Butler has been a professional mechanic since 1979. He is a Master Certified ASE Technician with advanced level diagnostics and specializes in drivability and electronics. American Eagle does all repairs except auto transmissions. Keith started in a VW shop and over the years has worked in several independent on foreign and domestic vehicles. Keith also worked as a County Park Ranger in Kern, CA, and as a police officer in the Shafter, California Police Department. While working for Kern County he achieved his qualifications as Senior Supervising Mechanic. Keith’s wife, Wanda, handles the bookkeeping and states he is an “excellent partner” in all areas. Members of the Rathdrum Chamber of Commerce, Keith and Wanda can be reached at or 208-659-6792.

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