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Pinch-A-Log tool for picking up firewood, split wood or whole, with no deep bending.

Best Seller!

The amazing PINCH-A-LOG makes easy work of picking up, throwing or stacking firewood with NO Deep Bending. This tool allows you to handle firewood, split or whole, 6 to 26 inches, and most firewood can be moved using only one hand.


The Pinch-A-Log is made here in North Idaho USA by American hands and the company is owned by a USAF retired Veteran.  You can expect the best workmanship with a tool that is laser cut, powder-coated, with stainless-steel nuts, bolts, washers and handles are made in Detroit MI.


The Pinch-A-Log is made to last a lifetime! Owners of this simple but amazing tool have said it helps save their back, knees and hips in all areas of firewood handling.


There is nothing like enjoying a body-warming wood fire and nothing that makes using firewood easier than the PINCH-A-LOG.

Price:  $122.00

Product ships Flat Rate USPS

The cost of shipping is separate from the tool.

instruction on how to use the pinch-a-log firewood tongs
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