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The SPIN BREAKER, one of several extremely innovative multi-functional hand tools offered by Northwind Tools.  The SPIN BREAKER is for professional mechanics and everyday tool enthusiast who work on any vehicle (land, air or water).  This tool, as you will experience, takes the place of several tools in one
ˆ       an extension
ˆ       breaker bar
ˆ       high speed spinner,
ˆ       and crank.  
ˆ      Additionally, with the slip sleeve a power driver can be attached to aid with powered spinning.
Master Mechanics that have tested this tool found having a Spinner, Breaker Bar, Crank and Extension in one tool saved a great amount of time by minimizing trips to the tool box, spinning bolts/ nuts and reduced clutter in their work space.  A Master Mechanic was impressed that he did not have to keep switching back and forth from a breaker bar to a spinner throughout the three weeks that he used the tool. He stated that he found himself using it constantly as it sped up all assembly and dismantling aspects of each job. All the mechanics who have tested the SPIN BREAKER have requested to purchase this tool in the various sizes of 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch.

The POCKET VERSION of the SPIN BREAKER has been recevied with rave reviews as it works like SPIN BREAKER with an extension and socket.  Another benefit is that you can use your apex adaptors to drive screws, apexes or high torques. 


Spin Breaker &

Pocket Spinner

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